Friday, October 18, 2013

Letter to an old friend 2

I am looking for a job now. I am taking a huge pay cut from when I was working before because we just need the extra income and anything is better than nothing. I so sadly am actually probably just going to a call center.  I would love to be an administrative assistant or office clerk, manager, etc but those jobs are not calling me back. My resume screams call center. But I can tweek it to look more officey. Never works.  I applied at the school district for a few jobs and nothing. That would be ideal.  What evs, I guess.  I have to more interviews today.

Maybe you already checked it out or maybe you don't care, but my blog address is .  I don't write as much as I should.

I am really doing better at liking Texas. Specifically where we are.  Our house is nice. Only 3 bedrooms but like 2400 square feet. It has some space we are trying to figure out what to do with.  2 stories.

Little Cody is selling popcorn for his school fundraiser. It is so cute. He finally has his spiel down. He says, "I am selling popcorn for my school fundraiser. ....(Then he looks at me for the next line) It is only $2 a bag..... (more looking at me)  ... Can I set you up with 3 bags?"  Then half the time when people laugh or smile he runs away.  If he stays he tells them there are lots of flavors to choose from. This kid seriously cracks me up.

I am freaked out about going back to work. I love being home with Caden. He is 16 months old. He is not walking yet, but that is ok. He is so funny and stubborn. He is going to be a tough one. both me and Big cody are pretty stubborn and fat. So he has got that in his genes. Poor lil dude. Right now he is still considered on the small side.  Can I tell you every thing about his an lil Cody is different. They are so much the same now. I am hoping this means when Caden is a 5 year old he will be opposite of Cody and be calm.

So the last day I ever drank and kind or alcohol or smoked any kind of anything was the night before I found out I was preggers with lil Cody. I started going back to church and blah blah.  I think I might have mentioned I think it is true and I need it. I know some people (my sis, Melissa for one) think not everyone needs church and organized religion, but I know I need it. My mom and dad are the kinds that need it. And seriously Jeaniece needed it too. .....

I was going to start the next line of that above paragraph with the words If only, but I stopped myself. There is no ifs. No use in them in this situation. You can't live with a life of what if's and regrets. You have to move on. But I was thinking about all this and telling you a little back ground so I could share 2 things.

1. Jeaniece use to call me every day on her way to work. Every day. We talked. So a lot of this time lately was her telling me about her night before or her weekend adventures from the night before. Often I got an edited down version where her anguish over what she was doing would show through. So when I'd give advise or some thing we joked around a lot. Once she asked me how the weather was up there where I was on my high horse.  Only once in a while though, sucker. Because from then on pretty much I would just ask her to join me. Before I would start to tell her something I would remember how she was always was thinking I was judging her (which I was not) or she thought I thought I was better than her (which I did not think.)  So.. I would tell her thing like, hey, want to come join me up here on my high horse. It is pretty nice up here. We would laugh. We really laughed a lot. But if I ended up coming off judgy or something she would call my mom and tell on me. Ha!

2. Remember the barnacle (particle) board wall ghetto bar where we would play pool?  Once time Jeaniece  came to visit and we went there. With Jared H and some others.  When ever we drank together she would get all mad at me. Or when she drank around me. Any how. She was getting all mad and I asked her what the problem was and she said, "For the first time on our lives you are cooler than me!"  Brawhahaha. She was so funny. So, there you have it., you are in one of my favorite Jeaniece memories.

And this was a ton of all about me. So.. your up..... :)

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