Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Jeaniece (entry 4)

Jeaniece. Would have been 35 in 3 days. Oh my gosh. Let me let this massive wave of sadness pass. You know, most days and times are just fine. I am ok. Then there are these moments that sneak in every day and they try to take over. I give in for just a minute or two, to remember you and to know it is ok to be sad that you are gone from my life for now. Most of the time, though I am tremendously comforted knowing that you are with our Father in Heaven and Savior. That you now have the chance to learn and know all you missed out on here. That you will see your family again. Some times I feel bad I am not more sad. Kirsti pointed out to me may be we are lucky your death happened at a time we were so busy in life. It helps to have this other stuff (stress) we have to focus on.  So, this blog is, like I said, mostly for stories and memories. Let me find one.

Since Halloween is approaching I will share about Halloween. I love Halloween. I know you did, too. Dressing up is so fun.  So in 9th grade I made these clown costumes with my friend Lorina. I have had them ever since. The year Cody was born I went to your trunk-or-treat. I was Goldilocks and you were the clown. Ah, love.  It was fun. And I have pictures to prove it! Ha! Then the following year just for going door to door in your neighborhood we both donned those clown costumes. As the holidays are approaching I know you family and friends are going to be missing you so very much.

Your work had a potluck for your birthday this year. It was bacon themed, Everyone had to bring something that had bacon in it. Hahaha. That is awesome! Youd have loved it. That is so sweet of them.

Sunday session of general conference is on your birthday this year. As I listen to the words of our prophet and apostles I will take comfort in knowing the plan of salvation is real and that our redeemer lives.

I know it is only just over a month, but not a day goes by when I do not think of you. I love you and I miss you.

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