Sunday, June 5, 2011


Failed at my new years goal. Failed at my blogging journal. (I write in random notebooks.) I am currently doing 30 days of little Cody on my other family blog, so that is a journal of sorts and pretty go so there. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Years Promise. . .

My New Years Promise. . .

To my self:

Lose weight.
Make and keep to a budget.
Be nice.
Read the Book of Mormon.
Attend the temple (at least) once a month.
Do my visiting teaching each month.
Get a new job.
Be more organized at home and de-clutter.

How I will do it:

Make a plan and stick to it.
Write it down.
Have help and support when applicable and where needed.
Keep track of my progress and my goals.

Lose Weight :

This is where Jeaniece and Colissa come in. We are going to support and help each other. We will be getting together via electronic means over the next few days to talk / type about our plan and our goal.

I plan to use the Wii fit at least 6 days a week, even if some days the just means weighing in and getting my Wii Fit age. (Which went from 32 to 48 years old in one day!)   

I have an App on my phone that I will use to "track" my points and the foods that I eat.

I will double the amount of water I have been trying to drink each day. Currently I fill my 52 ounce cup all the way with ice then add water. This probably comes to about 16 ounces of water. hahaha, but really. So the goal is to fill it up at least once more in the day with out adding more ice. Typically after I finish all the water there is still enough ice to keep the new fill up cold.

I need to cut out a lot of the bad food and junk I have been eating. I am going to start cooking meals at least 4 days a week with plans for leftovers for lunches and days I work late.

Since I am tracking my food I think I will try to use the weigh watchers plan as I know  it works for me.  Here locally I will use Linda and Big Cody for moral support and for help with meals and getting the junk out. they are on board with the healthier eating plan, so it should be pretty easy to get started.

It is 3:27 am on 1/1/11. I have to go to bed. But I like this plan and I am proud of it. I will start part 2 after I wake up tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be day 2 of potty training little Cody. We are on a 3 day potty training program. I wont have a lot of time until he is napping or out for the night, but I will write out more of my plan to organize (time management) /de-clutter/be nice/ visit teach and so on.

I have personal goals I plan to do for my husband, too. I will write that down, as well.