Thursday, April 17, 2014

Duck! Pato!


Jeaniece loved being a trainer for her company. She was always so good with new people and meeting people.  That being said, BBVA Compass sent her to south Texas to do a training class there with her counterpart from Alabama. She was so happy to get to do this.  One my seeter was hanging out with some of the people she met and immediately became friends with. They were at a park or place with ducks. She asked tem how to say duck in Spanish.  "Pato." They told her.  A little later that day J had something in her hand. She totally threw it at some ones head and yelled, "Pato!"  After getting hit in the head due to not ducking her friend started laughing. Apparently Pato is does not mean both kids of duck as it does in English.  I still laugh and use this. Just this morning I yelled pato as I threw a little rubber duckie at some ones head. It was super funny due to the 2 meanings. It was a duck and she needed to duck! Brahaha. Oh Jeaniece!  (And if this story was about you I am sorry I forgot your name.)

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