Monday, July 7, 2014

Ghost Friends. Stories of Jeaniece.

I am thankful for the people who let me share these stories and for those who read and listen to them. 


When we were young kids we lived in a little house in Long Beach. In my mind this house was never very bright.  I love light and it might have been brighter but that is how the memory works. (Any how back to my memory of J, here.)   We were about  5 and 6 years old and we were sitting at the kitchen table when suddenly one of the chairs fell down.  We had no idea how it fell. She thought I did it, I thought she knocked it over or something. So we both decided a ghost must have done it.


This might be a good time to let you know the following tidbits of information: Being that we were huge Disneyland fans and got to go once a year with our grandma we knew that a Ghost had followed us home from the Haunted Mansion. We also watch Saturday morning cartoons where we watched the Smurfs. 


In light of this ghost knocking over the chair we had a decision to make. We decided right away it was a friendly ghost and he was not alone.  Suddenly the chair next to him fell down. (This one was done by one of us.) And just like that Chair Ghost had a friend. Lunch Ghost.  When ever a ghost was sitting with you at the table it was pretty oblivious since they always knocked the chair down.  They couldn't sit on the chair and it was more comfortable for them to be at the table without the chair.  We had a lot of ghost friends. They ate with us quite often.  They helped us. Sometimes they got us in trouble. Trouble Ghost was usually good for that. They followed us to our new house when we moved to Rancho Cucamonga but eventually they all left.