Thursday, September 26, 2013

Divisadero . Jeaniece 3

So stinkin happy on vacation. This picture comes with a J story for those of you who want to remember. Or know more about her.
This is in San Francsico. We took one of those double decker bus tours. This was a smaller tram stop. Where you had to be quiet because the locals who lived there did not really like the noise. We haaaad to get off here per Jeaniece because this was the stop where you could see the "Full House" house. (see additional photos back from our vacay.) So when we come back to get on the tram we make a quick stop across the street. Upon leaving the gas station Jeaniece looks up and sees a local resident in his window. There he is 45 year old birthday suit. Hand on the small of his back looking at the world. Pelvic facing the street. Watching the people try not to look at him. Of course Jeaniece had to make sure we all knew he was there.
Then we took this photo on the street Divisadero to mark the memory. Ha!

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