Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Grandpa inter view 1 - rough copy.

My Grandpa

1. Full name : William Loius Kern

- how did you get your name? I don't know they gave it top me when I was born. I was there no one asked my opinion.  My dad was Robert Mitchell. But I don't know. No one ever told me where it cam from.

- Did you have any nick names? Billy,
Whitey - he was a white headed kid. Every one else had black or brown hair. Tarzan Jr.  Growing up Tarzan was the big thing. His bro Arnold was Tarzan. His mom was buried at St. Rock cemetery at a catholic church.  All buried there. When he started doing genealogy he wrote to the sexton, Albert Hattier of the cemetery. They knew him. When he got the death certificate from the cemetery. The front listed his mother., On the second page it listed all the other people. Arnold Clarence Sanchez was listed as "Tarzan" then they listed the whole family on the  back. And all the people listed on the grave. He also listed on the death certificate that she had another son that lived in California whose name was Whitey.

2. When and where were you born?  November 2, 1932 - New Orleans

3. Best memories of your father? Never met him

4. Best memories of your mom ? When I was born mom was 36 years old. I was her 16th child. She had her first at 14. She was married.  All the other kids in kindergarten had young moms. All my brothers and sisters went to the same school. After Mr. Sanchez died I was born a year later.  Mom was Ethel. All the people of the school knew my family. I was known as Billy Sanchez then.  All the teachers knew his mom. They had cots in kindergarten to go to sleep. He would sleep no problem.

When I was 8 years old I went to cub scouts and learned 1st aid and to do a tourniquit. When I came home form school one day my mom was in the back of the house. I had learned about safty and electricity. She was laying on the floor from the flood and the machine and the wall. I thought she was electrocuited but she wasnt she had had a stroke.

During ww2 I brought a wheelbarrow to the school full of papers for the school.  The wheelbarrow went over a spoke and I was gashed right opened. His leg was bleeding and he had to do a Tourniquet.  The principal came and took him to the hospital. The told him they would need to operate on it. Principal told him and I don't want you to cry. If you don't cry you I will get you an ice cream cone.  I never got my ice cream cone.  About 10 years later when I was married  I went to  visit. the principal was still here. She made good on it. He called her out. 10 years later.

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?  As a kid probably . I don't know. Played football. League. Won Most valuable player. Was interviewed by the radio. Best player in the whole city of New Orleans.  Interviewed when he got his Eagle Scout. Remember, mom couldn't come./ Den mom cane. Pants and shirt too small. Lights went out at the park. People put their cars in a circle and that is what lit the ceremony.

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