Friday, September 6, 2013

Jeaniece Story 1

This was one of Melissa Ferkovich's pictures. It reminded me of a story I have to share so that it is remembered.
When Drew was a little fat blondish baldish baby we went to Universal Studios in LA. All day people kept starring at Drew. There were even people sitting behind us at the Water World show taking his picture. It was seriously so weird. Well, we were in the line for Shrek 4-D and people started talking to us about him. This lady had a pretty thick Asian accent. She told Jeaniece Compton the baby was beautiful. Then she asked, "are you the moder?"  Jeaniece replied with her hand over her heart in a little fanning motion, "Who me? Oh no, no. I am not a model."  To which I interjected, "Mother, She said mother."  Brawhahahahaha!

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