Saturday, October 3, 2015

Next Block. Different Assignment

We are given 9 Skill Study Types to learn over the Semester.  This week we had to write about the one we learned about. the Scripture block was 1 Nephi 6-14.   The skill study was: Symbolism.
This is not as blog posty as my last blog post, but this is what I turned in:

Study Skills Report
Which skill was presented in the most recent Gathering and how did you use it throughout the week?

(Study Skill: Substitutions, Setting, Principles and Doctrine, List, Clustering, Flag Phrases, Symbolism, Visualize, and Cause and Effect)
Skill: Symbolism
I used this skill since the gathering to go back and study Lehi’s vision again with a greater understanding of using the symbolism in the dream to make it more person and meaningful to me.
Show some examples of how you used the skill:
(example: I, Candace, having been born of goodly parents)
1.    Why were people ashamed when they partook of the fruit?  I looked at the foot notes and I discussed the symbolism of this with others.

2.    In understanding the meaning of the tree of life I watched the digging deeper video about this again.
3.    The stumbling blocks the Gentiles stumble upon are symbolic of the ways of the world that get into the way of my life. They also refer to other churches. There are so many things these simple phrases can be symbolic of.
What did you learn from using this Study Skill this week? (“Learning” implies something you didn’t know before)
I learned that the Tree of Life represents more than happiness. It is my Heavenly Fathers love for me. Making the book of Mormon person to myself this week I tried to use the symbolism in Lehi’s dream and see how it relates to be. I learned that perhaps at times in my life as the world came to me I fell off the straight and narrow and into the midst of darkness. The straight and narrow path that the iron rod is next to is s one way path. You progress forward. I think I had gotten to the Tree at one point in my life, living worthy of my temple recommend. Learning more of the gospel. The one day I looked up at the great and spacious building, the world and I let it in and I fell away from the tree. Luckily the iron rod was still there and through Christ and the Atonement I was able to work my way back.
How would you teach this skill to someone that had never used it before?
I would teach using symbolism much as was outlined in the directions. While studying the scriptures you can use the 6 points outlined.
~Look for Scriptural interpretation
~Look for teachings of modern prophets
~Consider the context
~Use the study aids in the scriptures (The topical guide, bible dictionary, footnotes and so on.)
~Let the nature of the object used as the symbol contribute to an understanding of its spiritual meaning.
~Look for Christ in scriptural symbols.
All of these things help us understand the symbolism. They are ways we can gain further understanding of the words the Lord had saved and preserved for us in these Latter days.

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